REALTORS® Take You from Start to Finish

When we are not watching real estate programs on television, my family enjoys the
show “American Ninja Warrior.” On this show, weekend warriors and professional
athletes alike brave an obstacle course full of pitfalls, endurance tests, and a host
of other human-created entrapments. Likewise, selling a home can feel like an
obstacle course, but smart sellers and buyers employ the services of REALTORS®
who are trained to get you from start to finish.

I have seen many transactions fall apart for lack of representation and guidance through the selling or
buying process. The issues include home inspection snafus, appraisal value problems, termite invasion,
and last-minute financing issues.

For example, you tell everyone you are selling your home “As Is,” but what happens when the home
inspection reveals moisture issues in the crawl space or a leak in the roof? Is the buyer just going to
accept the cost of fixing these problems? Most buyers will not or cannot afford to make major repairs, so
be prepared to re-negotiate if necessary.

Another common example is appraisal value being less than sale price. In this case, either the seller
reduces the price, the buyer comes up with the difference, your REALTOR® negotiates, or the deal falls

The home buying process is not exactly paint-by-numbers. Each sale is different. But if you have a
REALTOR® on your side, you have a much better chance of getting from start to finish, without hitting the