Fence Me In

A fence can be a significant factor in the marketability and value of a home. Much of this depends on the location, who the target buyer is, and what value segment the home falls in.

In some neighborhoods, a fence is almost necessary in order to have any privacy; in others, it might not be allowed, or there could be restrictions on the type of material. I have purchased or built several homes in Tallahassee, but I have never had a fence. In the first home, it was just me—no kids, no dog, no reason to build a fence. When I decided to sell that home, the lack of a fence hindered the sale; I actually had to buy a fence for the buyer as part of negotiations. When I built the next home, we backed up to a wooded area and had fantastic neighbors who put up their own fence on either side, fencing us in and giving us free privacy.

Fast forward to my family’s current home: finally, I am about to build my first fence. The home was built around a dog door for our Boston Terrier, who cannot use the dog door without a fence. Adding a six-foot wood fence will be a benefit to us, as it will allow the dog let himself out, it will add privacy, and—best of all—it will keep the deer out of my garden. But the biggest benefit in my mind is that one day, the fence may be one of the factors that helps us sell this home.

You should never expect to recoup your investment in a real-estate improvement on a dollar-for-dollar basis. But, if you want to get an idea of how a fence, pool, deck, etc. might impact your home’s value, contact a local appraiser or real estate agent—a REALTOR® member of the Tallahassee Board of REALTORS®.