2017 Could Be the Year to Buy

Why should you buy a home in Leon County in 2017?

I’ve been an appraiser and Realtor in Leon County for over 20 years, it is part of my job to track and study our local market. In my opinion, 2017 is the best time to buy a home in Leon County for several reasons. Interest rates are scheduled to steadily increase, our local real estate market has recovered, and the American Dream is still affordable.

Interest rates for a 30-year mortgage are still attractive, but all experts seem to agree that they will continue to steadily rise. When we moved here in 1984, my parents bought a home and the best rate they could get was 12%, with perfect credit. I bought my first home in Tallahassee in 1993, and felt very fortunate to obtain a 7% interest rate. Yet my children have never seen a rate above 6% advertised, and they still may not see that for several years.

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